Thursday, November 8, 2012

Revolutionary take over of Crete

It can be done: some 10,000 citizens took part in the Popular Assembly at Heraklion, Crete, where the regional administration has been occupied by the masses. The island's labor union called for an extension of 24 hrs (today) for the general strike, in order to allow workers to take part in the democratically decided blockade of all economic activity, including the harbor, the administration and the banks. 

The Popular Assembly of Heraklion issued the following manifesto:

Call out to all the Workers and the Unemployed in Greece.
The greatest challenge lies ahead of us.
Mobilisations and strikes will either become indefinite and overcome the symbolic level, or they will die out due to the lack of potential. We do not hand out our lives and our dignity to no-one.
  • We plan our mobilisations and we resist.
  • We call all labor unions to call fresh 24-hour and 48-hour General Strikes tomorrow [Thursday].
  • We call everyone in all cities to block off Tax Offices and the branches of the Bank of Greece.
Let’s strike at the heart of the regime, its economy.
Let’s not live like slaves. 
Occupation of the Administrative Periphery of Crete
Popular Assembly of Heraklion

Source: Occupied London - From the Greek Streets (link 1, link 2). 

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