Thursday, November 8, 2012

Romania: nuclear power plant in emergency shutdown

The Cernavodă Nuclear Power Plant, the only of its kind in the Danubian republic, has suffered an emergency shutdown yesterday.

Apparently it was not caused by any major accident and the facility will be re-started tomorrow but then the same sources admit that they have no idea yet of what went wrong.

The Nuclearelectrica National Nuclear Power Corporation announced unit 2 of the Cernavoda nuclear-power plant shut down unexpectedly on Wednesday at 11:300hrs, EET, and it will be restarted on Friday.

The unit shut down automatically as a result of an automatic rapid closure system having unexpectedly gone up. The causes for the closure are being investigated according to the procedures of the plant.

The unit is safely down and it will be restarted as soon as the exact causes behind the malfunction are found.

The plant provides 20% of the electricity of Romania.

Source: Ex-SKF.

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