Friday, October 5, 2012

Tearing down the mental wall of 'Israelis'

Some interesting stuff here to ponder on the Zionist colonists (Israelis) and their mentality...

Documentary on the Nakba as seen and often denied by Israelis

One one side Jews sans frontieres points me to this introductory video on an documentary on the 1948 Nakba seen (or rather not seen, denied even inside one's memories) from the perspective of those who fought the war and imposed the genocide, or also from the (then) children settled in recently evicted Palestinian villages:

It has as title Seven Deadly Myths and is directed by Lia Tarachansky, who also narrates her own confusion being raised in a huge colonial city (Maale Adumin, I guess) inside the West Bank.

Follows a fragment of a soldier who took part in the war and ethnic cleansing, narrating the facts. Must watch (3 mins, Hebrew with English subtitles):

I would have added a link to Wikipedia: Nakba for easy reference but it has been censored by the Zionist International (a powerful and dangerous force that must be deactivated). 

You can see in the talk page how a single user and administrator, Jfdwolf (signing as JWF), whose profile suggest he is a Dutch Jewish or at least a Dutch very interested in Jewish culture and Hebrew language (I say all this to make his bias even more obvious, nothing else), single-handedly "merged" Nakba with something so-called "1948 Palestinian exodus".

Sadly Wikipedia is anything but neutral, we need something else and more neutral.

Anarchists against the Wall opening 'Israeli' eyes

There is a very interesting first-person account at Anarchists against the Wall of an Israeli who learned some things from the local Anarchists. Excerpt:

The anarchists number only a few dozen, but they have had an enormous impact.  Thousands of Israelis have visited Bil’in and seen for the first the Israeli army from the perspective that the Palestinians see them – facing the barrel of a gun, rather than from behind the trigger (this is a mind-altering experience). The army altered the route of the separation barrier in Bil’in as a result of the demonstrations.  But more importantly, the demonstrations helped bring some awareness of the occupation to the attention of an entire generation.

The nonviolent resistance activity promoted and performed by Anarchists against the Wall against the Zionist Apartheid regime in Palestine (Israel) is dramatically illustrated by this video (Hebrew with English subtitles, 10 mins) which shows how the Zionist forces shoot against nonviolent protesters trying to symbolically dismantle the Apartheid Wall, seriously injuring one of them, Gil Na'amati:

The video is part on a wider article on how resistance against Apartheid in Palestine has evolved from the intifadas to this.

If nothing else, awareness is growing but there is still a lot to do.

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