Thursday, October 18, 2012

Japanese director dies in car accident after announcing critical movie on TEPCO

Koji Wakamatsu
Koji Wakamatsu was a Japanese director, maybe best known for his role as producer in the once-upon-a-time value-shattering In the Realm of the Senses, directed by Nagisha Oshima.

His own filmography was not meager and, after a long hiatus, he had been recently in several European festivals with his new movies, the latest one being about the freaky failed fascist coup by far-right intellectual Yukio Mishima.

He had declared in Venice Festival that he planned to make a movie about the all-powerful Tokyo Electric Company (TEPCO). He would never make it, being killed by a car in an alleged yet suspicious accident.

Fukushima Diary reports how Wakamatsu had previously been offered to make a movie on the nuclear industry but that he had to give up because denouncing TEPCO was absolute taboo:

They requested me not to use the term of “Tepco”. I asked them to make a scene that someone throws a sunflower to Tepco at least, but they even turned it down. so I withdrew from it.

However he was not determined to make his own movie on the matter:

Now I really want to make a film about Tepco. Nobody wants to make one, so I’ll be serious to start a fight against Tepco.

He never made it. 

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