Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Warning: EU will allow Japanese food imports since November

So far EU imposed strict controls to the area around Fukushima. Now for no reason at all (the situation is not any better) this is going to end. According to Fukushima Diary (citing Japanese-language sources):

On 10/22/2012, EU is going to lift the regulation of importing food from 11 prefectures in Japan except for Fukushima.

The restriction will be lifted as of 11/1/2012, they will import Japanese alcohol drinks, such as wine, beer, and plum liquor, and seaweed without radiation measurement.

While the import of alcohols can easily be dribbled (because they have a very limited market in Europe), the allowance of seaweed (algae) is most dangerous in my understanding because they are used to make a lot of synthetic foods and a scare can harm local algae production (much like avoidance of unlabeled transgenic maize/soy harms regular maize/soy production, etc.) 

The situation in the region is anything but under control. The Japanese government's criminal policies of hide, extend and pretend (instead of containment) should not be rewarded but punished, and certainly not at our expense.

I must denounce this irresponsible attitude by the EU authorities which opens the gate for even greater flooding of Japanese radioactive foods to our supermarkets, tables and guts (and those of our children too).

I would suggest to raise awareness around ourselves and to write respectful but firm emails or letters to the department of General Health and Consumers of the EU:

Snail mail:
Directorate-General Health & Consumers
B - 1049 Brussels

Form at this address.

+32 2 299 11 11

The office right now has no head, so I wonder who is making the decisions. You can contact also your trusted consumers' association an your trusted MEPs, if any.

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