Thursday, October 11, 2012

USA: Wal Mart wokers organize and threaten with strike

Walmart may is one of the largest corporations on Earth. For those living in Europe, for example, we can't realize the dimension of this commercial giant has in the USA and some other places (Canada, Mexico, Japan). It is barely behind Exxon and Shell in terms of revenue, and is the single largest private employer on Earth, only surpassed by the World's two most powerful armed forces, those of the USA and China.

But all that might has a cause: exploiting workers to the extreme and persecuting all attempts of organization. This may well happen exactly the same in other similar companies (I'm thinking El Corte Inglés in Spain for example) but no commercial corporation can compare with Walmart because of size.

Now is the time when Walmart workers are organizing themselves and issuing their demands, threatening with a strike in all the USA in a key shopping day: the so called Black Friday, when the Christmas shopping season typically begins. 

Russia Today reports on the conflict:

Source: Kasama.

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