Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Galicia: only 54% voted - real figure was hidden

The great winner in the Galician elections was actually not Feijóo nor Beiras but abstention. The real figure for electoral participation this year in Galicia was of  54.42% but, by means of statistical trickery, it was presented as much more acceptable figure: 63.29%. 

As Paco Bello shows in Iniciativa Debate[es] there's some major statistical manipulation going on here:

2009 census: 2,691,570 - Participation: 1,706,198 (63.39%) - Official: 64.43%
2012 census: 2,696,513  - Participation: 1,467,657 (54.42%) - Official: 63.80%

How is this possible? Simple: 238,541 expatriate Galicians who abstained were not counted this year (while those expatriate Galicians who voted were counted, of course).

This is of course just an illusionist trick for the gallery that pretends to hide great discontent in the Galician People. Discontent that no party or coalition seems able to mobilize electorally.

The legitimacy of the Xunta (Galician Parliament) is therefore limited to a mere 47.95% for all parties with representation. 

The "winning" People's Party (PP, ultra-conservative to neo-fascist) lost 17.5% of its real voter base since 2009. It represents 24.25% of Galicians.

The loser Socialist Worker Party of Spain (PSOE, center-something) lost 44% of its real voter base of 2009. It represents 10.89% of the citizenry. 

I think we can end this entry with a meaningful (i.e. surrealistic) clip from the always unique Os Resentidos, more in line with the true and less obvious flavor of the country of the End of the World, where it always rains... except when it drizzles. Something like Galicia Sitio Distinto (Galicia Different Place):

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