Saturday, October 20, 2012

Swedish ship to Gaza approaches destination

This year the naval civilian effort to breach the blockade of Gaza Strip (where the natives of what is now Israel and their descendants languish in what has been dubbed the largest concentration camp on Earth) has been smaller than in previous years but still the Swedish ship Estelle is now (at 9:00 CET) at only 38 miles of Gaza Strip and can be attacked by the Zionist forces at any moment.

The brave crew, as well as the Palestinian Natives, in Gaza and elsewhere under the boot of the genocidal Zionist Apartheid Regime (Israel), need all our support and attention.

Sadly in Navarre, the Spanish neo-fascist authorities have forbidden all demos in solidarity with the Estelle and the Palestinian People, showing, like so many other governments their bootlicking reverence for the Zionazi oppression.

Follows short video from Gaza citizens explaining with banners the urgency of breaking the Zionist siege:

Sources: Ateak Ireki[es], Ship to Gaza, Gaza's Ark.

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