Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Wave of antifascists' arrests in Athens

From Occupied London - From The Greek Streets:

29 people arrested the last 6 days in Athens during the general strike, antifascist & solidarity action

During the general strike of last Wed. 9 people were arrested by the police. The names and their photographs were publicized by the police aiming to social stigmatization but also requestingfrtom people to call in the police and give “more information” about the arrested. Then on Sunday  antifascists clashed with Nazis in central Athens, police came immediately to help the neo-Nazis and 15  antifascists were arrested. Then on Monday evening police attacked in Athens courthouse to the people who had gathered in solidarity to the antifascists arresting 5 more people.

A call for an assembly to discuss about the two latter occasions was called for today at 19:00 in Gini building, in Athens Polytechnic

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