Monday, October 15, 2012

Lithuania elections: a bourgeois party loses, others take its role

Many news today discuss the debacle of the conservatives of the Homeland Union in the Lithuanian elections after applying with iron hand all the useless harmful measures dictated by the European Union and the IMF. Sadly the new rising stars in the Baltic country are not essentially different: a Labor Party that is actually Liberal (center-right) in spite of the name (member of the European Liberal Party) and a Social-Democratic Party that is what it sounds to be (populist center). 

No true Left option has arisen and therefore Lithuania looks like will continue under the destructive grip of IMF recipes of austerity for the poor and subsidies to the rich.

And that's one of the virtues of the bourgeois fake-democracy system: the true party remains hidden in the shadows (usually organized as the local capitalist syndicate), while a constellation of almost identical electoral options parade before the people's eyes, so they can imagine that they have a choice.

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