Friday, October 19, 2012

Workers seize concrete factory in Katmandu

The state owned Himal Cement Factory, which has been closed for 11 years, was going to be sold-off by parts by the government, which ironically is also historically Maoist - but which has been repudiated by the Maoist grassroots recently, which moved to organize their own party in June.

As reaction to this sell-off, activists from the major union All Nepal Revolutionary Trade Union Federation (ANRTUF). They not just demand that the machinery is not sold to foreign countries but also they would get to manage all state-owned industries closed in the state.

Along with the ANRTUF activists, members of the Maoist militia (National People's Volunteer) have also been deployed.

The union proposed to even relocate the factory elsewhere if the locals would be opposed to it.

Source: Kasama.

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