Sunday, October 28, 2012

Greece: journalist jailed for publishing list of tax evaders

C. Vaxevanis
Costas Vaxevanis was jailed today for daring to publish the list of 1991 tax evaders with large accounts in Switzerland. The so-called "Lagarde List" had been sitting for two years in the Prime Minister's office without any of them (neither Papandreou, nor Papademos, nor Samaras) doing anything on the matter.

While the rotten capitalist tax evaders get away with impunity, those who dare to expose them are jailed overnight. 

And they call it democracy, what in Greek comes to mean people's power... how ironic!

Sources: Occupied London - From the Greek Streets, Greek Reporter (link 1, link 2).

Update: In a video filmed soon before arrest, Costas Vaxevanis explains how police action against him preceded the judicial order of arrest. He defends that the publishing of the list is wholly legal because he did not publish any single money amount, just stating that these are the citizens in the Lagarde List and their banks.

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