Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Just in case anyone had doubts... North Korea removes Marx and Lenin all over the place

The North Korean regime is founded on a peculiar ideology known as Juche, not too different from the fascist autarchy (militarist and nationalist self-reliance) of Franco, of arguable Marxist (or rather Stalinist) influences but in practice acting as a totalitarian nationalist fascism. 

It was already well known to those interested that North Korea discreetly welcomes foreign private "investment", i.e. exploitation of a most cheap and defenseless working class, business that is managed by a select few foreigners' club like the aristocratic and eccentric Spaniard Alejandro Cao de Benos, who get good benefits from their mediator role. 

But now is wholly official: the Korean authorities have removed the portraits of Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin from the Kim Il Sung Plaza, signaling that they no longer consider them influential in any way. 

Before and after: no difference in practice

Source: Disidente del Capitalismo[es].

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