Friday, October 12, 2012

Inquisition insists with the life penalty for Basques

While Spanish state terrorists of the ilk of Galindo, Amedo, Domínguez, Vera or Barrionuevo are at large, paying only symbolic penalties at the very best, Basque militants face the merciless repression of the state no matter what, no matter even if ETA attempts to self-dissolve or the European Court of Human Rights rules against

The Spanish Audicencia Nacional (alias The Inquisition, political tribunal implemented by the fascist regime) had a plenary meeting yesterday to discuss the European ruling against their arbitrary jurisprudence of retroactively applying new penalties to Basque prisoners, the so-called Parot doctrine.

Instead of accepting the ruling of Strasbourg, which is compulsory by all treaties, the political judges decided to accept it in two instances only... rejecting it for the other 15 prisoners in exactly the same situation. 

We are again before a political decision meant to destroy the hopes of peace created by the unilateral process initiated by the Basque Nationalist Left and ETA. Instead of impelling it, the neo-fascist rulers of Spain are trying to force the situation back to one of war, which apparently they prefer. 

Source: Ateak Ireki[es].

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