Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Historian Eric Hobsbawm's life thread merged with the Universe again

If there is one field other than politics in which Marxism is truly influential that is History. And much of that we owe to Eric Hobsbawm, who died yesterday at the venerable age of 95 at his home in London. 

His work, together with that of other Marxist historians, allows us to understand History not as mere sequence of monarchs and oligarchs, as the Conservative historians would like us to see it all, but from the real depths of the sociological reality of the common workers and due emphasis on the economic forces that drive history to a large extent. 

He remained a communist for all his life, even if he was radically critical of the Stalinist invasions of Hungary and Czechoslovakia, describing their revolutions as ones of workers against a merely pseudo-socialist bureaucracy. 

Good work, comrade.

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