Friday, October 19, 2012

Honduras: Supreme Court declares "model towns" unconstitutional

In a landmark and rather unexpected decision the Honduran Supreme Court voted today that the pet-project of putschist President Porfirio Lobo and murky US speculators of Libertarian (Fascist Ultra-Capitalist) ideology, consisting in legally detaching parts of Honduras for extra-territorial colonies under total private control, the so-called "model towns", is in unconstitutional.

13 judges voted the unconstitutionality of the imperialist project, one voted against (i.e. in favor of the colonial project) and yet another one issued a particular vote

There were more than 50 different claims of unconstitutionality filed before the Supreme Court by different agents against the "model towns" sell-out. At least one person, lawyer Antonio Trejo Cabrera, was murdered for denouncing this project.

Trejo's demand, denouncing that de-facto President Lobo is committing high treason by promoting this colonial project is still awaiting resolution.

Whatever the case, this national sell-out plan was the keystone of the coup promoted by Obama in 2009. While Honduras has for long been considered the main US military ally or rather protectorate in the region, the Ultra-Capitalist Neofeudal project of Paul Romer, Patri Friedman, Peter Thiel and others, clearly offered an economic dimension to all the putschist adventure that now will be lost. Without it, the importance of the putschist regime is clearly weakened and the road to democratic normalization open again. 

Now we only have to wait for the Presidency to be indicted with high treason, which is true no matter how you look at it. If the Supreme Court of Honduras would have the guts to impeach Lobo, then everybody would celebrate. 

Well, everybody except the pirates, of course. 

Source: LINyM[es].

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