Thursday, October 4, 2012

Athens: police and Nazis jointly attacked the antifascist demo

Fascist DELTA cops attack Loukanikos
(source: EAgainst)
I briefly mentioned this repressive incident against a motorcycle protest in Athens a few days ago, in relation with several other repressive and Nazi terror attacks of those days (see also here). But the new information coming from the Greek dungeons and published at Occupied London is very revealing of the extreme complicity of the Nazis and the police forces, to extremes that should be scandalous. 

Where are all those who claimed to heaven when the Nazis got 7% of the vote?! It seems as if, when police is affected, deeply infected, this should be ignored. In Greece, as in Germany or in Spain. 

According to the arrestees, who have published a communication (originally in English at Contra Info and republished at Occupied London), the demo was surrounded by DELTA police squad when the Nazis offered a pretext by attacking a police unit. 

Of course, all the arrestees are antifascists. 

After a manifest call-out on Sunday 30/9, an antifascist motorcycle demo and flypostering took place in downtown Athens, which started off from Exarchia. This demonstration came as a response to fascist pogroms and attacks against immigrants that are carried out in several areas of central Athens by fascist gangs, who are disguised as ‘committees of residents or shopkeepers’ and act with the assistance of official state gangs.

Right now, we’re not, not so useful anymore for the advancement of science, certainly not at the potential that the Internet has. interested in analyzing or explaining here the given and hackneyed relation of Golden Dawn/Chrissi Avgi with the Greek Police.

Just after the patrol was attacked by Goldendawners(-citizens), there was an onslaught by cops of the DELTA motorcycle police unit, who followed the rear of the demo but also drove parallel alleys.

In the end 15 antifascist fighters were caught, both women and men. They were injured to various parts of their bodies, like the head, arms and legs, while cops also used taser guns (electroshock weapons).

Police violence did not stop in the streets: it continued once in dungeon, with cops showing no shame of their fascist and terrorist ideology:

We were brought to the 6th floor of the Athens police headquarters, in front of the department of state constitution protection, where the night was accompanied by beatings, threats, hair pulling, and burnings from the DELTA teams who took our picture for their private photo albums while keeping watch to us.

Threats such as ‘Now that we know who you are, we will bury you just like your grandparents in the Civil War’ are indicative of the terrorism that the cretin praetors of the DELTA teams tried to inflict on us.

The report also mentions people arrested for months in police dungeons without any kind of legal protection and in overcrowded circumstances:

They brought us to the detention cells on the 7th floor of the police headquarters, in an overcrowded ward (intended for 30 people, while at the moment 80 people ‘live’ there in incredibly squalid conditions), in an attempt to ‘break our nerves’. However, we encountered a truly exceptional feeling of solidarity from people that have been ‘forgotten’ up to three months in this place.

Full letter at Occupied London - From the Greek Streets and at Contra Info, which has also some background detail.

Update: video of the motorized march prior to the police attack:

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