Saturday, October 6, 2012

Galician labor union leader beaten in police station

Galician labor union activist Xexus Anxo López Pintos, CIG, who was arrested and beaten by police when they nonviolently disrupted an electoral act of the ruling party in O Ferrol, denounced to have been abused also once in the police dungeons, where he was kept shackled, beaten, threatened and insulted by one policeman, while the rest allowed it. 

López Pintos' arrest

This is not uncommon at all in Spanish police stations, what is uncommon is that a denounce against police brutality gets any media coverage or support by politicians whatsoever. While I would like to think that Spaniards and Galicians are waking up to the reality of the authoritarian regime in Madrid, it is probably just that it is electoral period (in Galicia, Western Basque Country and, soon, also in Catalonia) and that the victim is not Basque nor African (in which case he would have been ignored altogether). 

You can watch his declarations to the press here[gal].

Sources[ga]: La Haine, Kaos.

Politician resigns on rape gaffe

A former Galician deputy and recently appointed advisor to the Spanish Ministry of Work, José Manuel Castelao Bragaña, has resigned after he made the following public comment:

Laws, like women, are there to be violated.

In case you wonder, there is absolutely no ambiguity in the original Spanish, where the word "violar" is the only common one for "to rape". As in English, it also applies to any other kind of breach, like the one implied here of breaking the law.

In my opinion, he should be imprisoned for apology of sexist violence, like that imam who called for beating one's wife. 

Source: Público[es].

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