Saturday, October 27, 2012

Ding! Spanish unemployment hits 25%!

Surrealist Bourbon dose today
One of every four workers in Spain cannot find work, any work at all, not even in McDonald's. The dramatic record was known yesterday.

Meanwhile all (housing, food, electricity, etc.) remains so extremely expensive that they can't work for less either. No matter how much public budget "austerity" they impose while housing, food, electricty and other basic costs of life remain high, people can't work for less. You have to feed and house your children at the very least if you're going to work 10 hours a day, six days a week... otherwise it's not worth it. 

The situation is so bad that the senile monarch of the European realm, while visiting India, made very strange declarations that, oddly enough, seem to make some sense, even if  surrealistically so:
  • From inside Spain feels like crying
  • Spain will get out with a knife in the mouth and a smile (Rambo rantings now, Mr. Double Bourbon?) 
  • There is people who wants to hit us hard on the head (Fat Angela maybe?)

Not Springfield, Tony
That's the kind of things that happen when you have an unqualified person on a major job for life just because... Still it does give a strange feeling of well, he's gone totally nuts and is speaking the truth...

Whatever went through the head of the man with the best job in the realm, it's clear that the situation in Spain does feel like crying. 

But for most people simply crying is not an option... they need solutions and need them now.

Refs[es]: Gara, Público.

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