Friday, October 12, 2012

Students walk out in Basque Country and Italy

The reasons are somewhat different but high school students have been showing their anger at the reactionary reforms in education in both countries. 

Basque Country: no to Hispanization of education

The neo-fascist government of M. Rajoy is promoting am education reform that seeks to Hispanize even more all the various peoples oppressed by the Spanish state. Project that has even caught the disagreement of the King, go figure, who scolded Rajoy today at a military parade for three full minutes while on camera. 

Whatever the unelected monarch thinks, 16,000 Basque students walked out yesterday against the new plan. 

Demo at Bilbao

Hundreds were identified by police in the different marches but no arrests were reported. 

Source: Bilboko Branka[eu].

Italy: no to demolition of education

On Oct. 5th, there was police violence and many arrests in the many student protests across Italy promoted by the Autonomous current, a consolidated tradition of class struggle that synthesizes the better of Marxist and Anarchist schools into a post-1968 concept, with extensive rhizomes nowadays through all Europe. 

Electoral cards and effigies of politicians were burnt in many of the protests, which took place in Palermo, Turin, Rome, Pisa, Livorno, Florence, Massa, Modena, Bologna, etc. In Bologna they replaced the flag of the Greek consulate by a banner reading "Solidarity with the struggle of the Greek People against Fascism".

More extensive information and videos at Strugges in Italy.

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