Sunday, October 21, 2012

Pedohile impunity at the BBC for decades

Famous BBC personality Jimmy Savile ("Sir James"), who presented programs for young audiences since the 1970s, has been posthumously acknowledged as a sexual predator against children (pedophile), evidencing the impunity that the oligarchs and their lackeys enjoy in our bourgeois regime, in which, as someone say, reputation can be bought and imposed hierarchically. 

A dangerous criminal who should have been in jail for most of his life, Savile instead enjoyed popularity, the friendship of that international criminal who is Margaret Thatcher, money and even an ad-hoc aristocratic honors granted by the Queen and the Pope (and what not!)

This can only be the tip of a much larger iceberg: the great bourgeois oligarchs enjoy such impunity that they get away with almost anything. 

In fact musician Pete Townshend (The Who) denounced recently that British banks are actively helping to cover up pedophile rings, earning substantial money with it.

A much more extensive report on the Savile scandal can be read and visioned at EneNews.

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