Friday, October 5, 2012

Police persecution of Basque candidates

The candidates of one of the major contending forces, the left-independentist coalition EH Bildu, have denounced continuous and way-too-obvious vigilance by the Spanish police forces (Guardia Civil specifically). 

It's not just that police members go to the press conferences and electoral meetings but they are also being watched at home, their telephones intercepteda and their cars subject to registries with the peculiarity that they are not allowed to see what happens, after being forced to leave all their personal objects in them. 

This affects even to those politicians who are already members of a Parliament and are therefore legally supposed special guarantees, as was the case of Dani Maeztu.

It is believed that what they are doing is to install GPS trackers in the mobile phones and/or the cars of the victims of this political persecution. Similarly GPS tracking devices were installed on the cars of relatives of Basque prisoners, who must make huge journeys as frequently as possible because of the policy of dispersion. 

Additionally the military-police corps has also effectively besieged towns where political activities of the Basque Nationalist Left were taking place, submitting people to lengthy controls of hours... just because. 

Collaboration with fascists in the University of Zaragoza

It is notable the latest incident in the University of Zaragoza, police followed the speakers of EH Bildu since arrival, even if they arrived hours before the conference. Later the conference was suspended after a small group of armed Nazi gangsters performed a disruptive stunt with threats and object throwing. 

Police was there and simply picked their nose.

Source: Gara[es].

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