Friday, October 19, 2012

Spanish neo-fascist government wants to ban recording of police brutality

Spanish cops in action
The Spanish Police Director, Ignacio Cosidó has declared that they are studying the prohibition of all kind of recordings of police agents in official duty. The pretext? That such records might endanger police agents or police operations, and of course the personal and familial intimacy and grant them the right to their honor and their image.

And what not!

The obvious goal of this neo-fascist government (with not more than 18% of legitimacy (voter intention) less than a year after they managed to secure a majority, thanks to abstention, vote dispersal and an anti-representative electoral law that strongly favors the consolidated parties) is to guarantee total impunity for the police forces in this time and age in which nearly everybody has a camera and can report and denounce police brutality or any other abuses via the Internet. 

That way fascist repression of the kind they would like to implement can only backfire and they are desperate to return to their old thuggish methods.

To this day police agents in Spain do not show any identification almost ever and many corps style sky masks as part of the uniform, specially for those brigades in charge of violent repression. Still, even if the individual police cannot be easily identified (and even if they get away with absolute impunity even when identified), the damage to the image of the police forces and the state for reason of their own brutality and lack of civil behavior and respect for human rights of the constituent citizenry.

Source: Ateak Ireki[es].

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  1. Today Spanish cops act in the same way as they did during Franco's regime; "they're the same dogs with different collars". In the 70's I used to go to demonstrations against the dictatorship. Fascism is striking back the victory of democracy in Spain.
    Salut I força Catalunya


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