Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Greenpeace accuses Japan on Fukushima catastrophe

Different versions of the same story today at Ex-SKF and Fukushima Diary: Greenpeace speaks out on Fukushima and rejects the Japanese government's criminal policies for what they are. 

They criticized surveillance as clearly biased and misleading and the so-called decontamination efforts as a useless farce with serious consequences for the population. 

Some excerpts:

Greenpeace found that in some parks and school facilities in Fukushima city, home to 285 000 people, radiation levels were above 3 microsieverts (mSv) per hour. Japan's recommended radiation limit is 0.23mSv per hour.


"Decontamination efforts are seriously delayed and many hot spots that were repeatedly identified by Greenpeace are still there," Teule said.

"It is especially disturbing to see that there are many hot spots around playground equipment, exposing children who are most vulnerable to radiation risks," she said.


"The government continues to downplay radiation risks and give false hope [of returning home] to victims of this nuclear disaster," said Suzuki.

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