Friday, October 12, 2012

USA: oil sheen over Macondo well could be from cracks

The petroleum sheen over the Macondo parcel, exploited by ill-fated BP's Deepwater Horizon platform, which I mentioned a week ago, has been confirmed and is miles long, as it can be seen in this video:

The oil characteristics match that from Macondo and therefore there are serious concerns that the cause may be that the DWH well sealing operation caused cracks in the seafloor, through which the oil is escaping. 

The possible consequences are not yet well understood but the cracks would be difficult to locate and seal, probably keeping the nearby coasts from Louisiana to Florida threatened for long. 

Source: EneNews (link 1, link 2, link 3).

Update: another theory suggests that it may be the oil dispersed with corexit what is now  surfacing (source). However I find strange that after dispersing it all around the wider area of the NE of the Gulf of Mexico it is only surfacing at the Macondo parcel. Occam's Razor rather suggest that it is cracks in or around the well instead.

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