Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Azawad, Islamists, Saudi Arabia...

The first thing everyone should know about Sunni Islamists almost anywhere is that they are paid, organized and rallied by Saudi Arabia, which has been applying the same medicine in their own territory for decades already. 

People raise their hands to heaven when the Taliban destroy the giant Buddhas or when Ansar Dine destroys the shrines of Timbuktu. But who has armed them? Saudi Arabia and their Zionist cronies. If you happen to read Berber sites such as Tamazgha[fr], you notice that the Ansar Dine Islamo-Fascist militia is armed with the best weapons and that is why it is being able to keep at bay not just the small and demoralized Malian army but also the actual popular militia, the National Movement for the Liberation of Azawad (MNLA) which has been pushed out of the main cities, Gao and Timbuktu, because they have no support but their own.

Saudi Arabia has been doing exactly the same thing that Ansar Dine does now and nobody, except some Arabic-language media, has questioned it. In the name of Islamic purity, the fundamentalist authorities of Saudi Arabia have done exactly the same: over 300 shrines and historical landmarks were destroyed only in Mecca in the name of Allah (so to say), even the very home of Mohamed was razed in this idiotic crusade against the traditional expression of Muslim faith. 

So nobody should be surprised that the Ansar Dine fanatics are doing exactly the same. And nobody should wonder where do they get the weapons from: Saudi Arabia and their Arabist (anti-Berber) cronies in North Africa, who are trying that way to destroy not just the Sufi shrines but also the Tuareg and Songhai state of Azawad. 

Probably they have something else in mind: creating a chaotic situation led by their fanatic sockpuppets in order to propitiate the intervention of the USA, which has been looking for years now for opportunities to set up permanent bases in Africa, the only continent where they have almost no presence. 

In the end, the House of Saud and the Islamo-Fascists are all conspiring in favor of US imperial intervention, be it in Central Asia, the Persian Gulf or West Africa. That is what the Saudis (including the Bin Laden clan) truly want, that is what Israel wants and that is what the imperialist hawks in Washington want: to consolidate the Imperial domination everywhere with the pretext of Islamism, which they secretly feed via Riyadh.

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Communication issued by the Collective of Cadres of Azawad (CCA) in June 22nd (source: French original at Tamazagha)

After April 1st 2012, date of the retreat of the last Malian Army's soldier and the total liberation of Azawad, jihadist gangs, parasitizing the the military victories of the National Movement for the Liberation of Azawad (MNLA), have not stopped multiplying their provocations and overt attacks against the population (beatings, whippings, destruction of goods, etc.)

These provocations culminated with the savage repression against the women's march in Kidal, on June 5 2012, and the flagellation sessions inflicted to the Azawadian citizens in Timbuktu, on June 20 2012.

At the instance of the ulemas and notables met in conclave at Kidal, the organizations of the civil society, the cadres, the coordinations of refugee camps, the associations of women of Azawad, the MNLA, including the voice of the illustrious Amenokal Intalla Ag Attaher, we condemn, without any reserve, these particularly barbaric behavior, opposed to our culture and our concept of human dignity.

On June 22nd 2012

In the name of the Collective of Cadres of Azawad (CCA)
The Speaker,
Habaye Ag Mohamed

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