Friday, July 20, 2012

Spain: huge demos against the demolition of worker rights and the (weak) social state

Only in Madrid the figure is estimated by the unions in 800,000, in Barcelona 400,000... It was surely millions protesting yesterday through the towns of the state of Spain.

Hours earlier the Right, which enjoys a majority that would not be renewed just months after the election, passed the draconian cuts, while the true Left (United Left, Catalan Republican Left, Amaiur and Chunta Aragonesista) left the house in order not to be accomplice of this crime against the People.

A major problem has arisen by the unusual starring role appropriated by police and military associations/unions. This caused the General Confederation of Labor (CGT) to remove their symbols from the front banner, because they disagree with some of the organizations represented, meaning the repressive forces. 

Incidentally those repressive forces have charged against the demonstrators, after many of them decided to march to Congress. Six or seven people have been arrested in another evening of fire and rubber bullets in Madrid, one of them a firefighter who attempted, along with colleagues, to prevent police-protester clashes by nonviolent means.


As I mentioned yesterday, the Basque labor union majority (excluding the Spanish nationalist unions which have low representativity and are often considered accomplices of the government and bourgeois class) have called for a general strike in the Southern Basque Country for September 26. 

The first convergent call from elsewhere under the Spanish boot came from Galicia, where the Galician Inter-Union Confederation (CIG) has called for a general strike in September as well, albeit without specific date yet. 

Separately the railroad workers union has called for a strike on August 3rd. 

Sources[es]: Público, Diagonal, La Haine (with photo gallery of evening clashes), Kaos en la Red, Madriz Rebelde (video of the clashes).

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