Friday, July 20, 2012

Bulgaria attack has Saudi signature

Although the Zionist colonial apartheid government rushed to blame Iran and Hizbullah, the fact is that the most likely attacker of the tourist bus full of Israeli travelers was Sunni and had been formed in Saudi Arabia and Pakistan... 

Random Pottins has an extense article on the matter:

Mehdi Muhammed Ghezali, Swedish citizen of Finnish-Algerian background, former Guantanamo prisoner,  brainwashed in Saudi, Pakistani and Afghan madrasas, is the main suspect for the suicide-bombing attack in Bulgaria. 

It is effectively impossible that Iran or Hizbullah (Shia forces) are behind: he was a puppet of Saudi Wahabbism, generally accomplice of both Israel and the USA, and almost invariably behind Sunni Fundamentalism everywhere, including the ghostly Al Qaeda. 

However neither Israel nor the USA will attempt to change the regime in Riyadh, a clear sign that they are happy with this sock-puppeteering arrangement in which Saudia posts the crazy bombers and the Judeo-Christian Empire replies with selective military interventions and extensive police control inside its core territory. 

In this case against Iran?

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