Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Honduras: troops besiege peasant community, leader murdered

More than 60 soldiers surround Aldea Panamá and keep active hostility in order to force the peasants to leave their lands. Again the hand of feudal landowner Miguel Facussé, who wishes to keep peasants without lands so he can exploit them, is apparent. 

Facussé's mercenaries have been attacking the community in the past month. On July 2nd, elected speaker for 25 years Gregorio Chávez was kidnapped while at work and later found dead. In his memory the farmers have renamed their movement Movimiento Refundacional Gregorio Chávez. 

The Honduran union COFADEH makes an appeal to:
  • (Illegitimate) President Porfirio Lobo to respect the lives of the peasants of the Panamá community
  • The state attorney to investigate the killing of Chávez and jail the culprits
  • The repressive deployment against peasants to be dismantled, demilitarizing the area
Source: LINyM[es].

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