Saturday, July 28, 2012

Christian Fundamentalsit Fascist Russia sends punk artists to jail

It's not clear if it is because they used a Cathedral, in good use of the human right of freedom of religion and of criticism of religion, once enshrined in the Soviet Constitution (at least in theory), or rather because they asked the mythical Christian demi-goddess Mary to remove Putin from power. But the fact is that three of the members of the band known as Pussy Riot have seen their preventive prison extended for another six months and can still be sentenced to seven years of prison.

It does seem that it was Putin's personal decision which brought the artists to trial and jail. After all they were unpersecuted for a whole year until the video went online and became famous. This video:

The charges against them are blasphemy, something more proper of Saudi Arabia or Iran than of a European country... or maybe not? 

In any case, as result of their persecution, they are being adopted as cause celebre by a growing number of people inside and outside Russia, demonstrating that, in spite of its rather venerable age, Punk still has a lot say and decode.

And with style, humor and good music, mind you.

Free Pussy Riot!
Blasphemy is a human right!

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