Tuesday, July 10, 2012

USA: police raid against Occupy Seattle organizers

Nobody was arrested in spite of the excessive force (door smashing and automatic weapons early in the morning) used by the special operations (SWAT) police unit in the small Seattle apartment today. Police warrant only said that they were looking for anarchist materials (sic).

The home has been a hub to organize the Everyone for Everyone festival to be held this August in the Northwestern American city, which attempts to consolidate the consciousness and political gains of the Occupy movement. 

Source: Kasama. See also: Occupy Seattle.

Update: A police informal communication congratulates on their own impunity in the clearly political operation and asks for informants to report against reds in a total witch-hunt style. Police took the following items:

A zip-up sweater, one glove, a blue beanie, a pink scarf, a few flyers (one from a book release party for a book on Occupy).

Source: Kasama (link 1, link 2).

Update:  The officer in charge of this search and scare operation is Detective Wesley Friesen, who has a reckless record of death threats against other police officers and drunk driving. The people present in the home had their hands zip-tied and the search warrant was just briefly flashed at them.

Source and a wealth of further details at Kasama.

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