Thursday, July 5, 2012

Honduras: good news for a change: terrorist landowners legally evicted

Terrorist landowners and palm oil magnates Miguel Facussé Barjum and René Morales Carazo have seen a major setback this week as, in a quite unusual move, a Tegucigalpa court upheld the claims of the organized cooperativist peasants of the MARCA, acknowledging their full rights over 1800 hectares of land which they claimed since 18 years ago.

Unusual happiness in the faces of the Honduran farmers

More importantly, for a change, the police forces acted against the exploiters and forced their paramilitary forces to retreat and yield the lands. Not that they did not hold until the last minute.

Morales' private army guarded the land until forced out by police
Source: LINyM[es] (many more photos).

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