Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Growing brutality of attacks against dissidents in Bahrain

From Bahrain Center for Human Rights:

Targeting the activists in Bahrain is taking violent forms, and attempts to physically harm them that reach close to murdering

Right: The injury of the activist Hassan Marzooq, Left: the activist Ali Mawali at the ICU

Ali Al-Mawali is in the intensive care unit; Zainab Al-Khawaja gets seriously injured and Yousif AL-Mahafdah was beaten.

Targeting the journalist Reem Khalifa and the leaders of the political societies during the violent repression on the demonstrations, is to narrow down the rest of the margin of the freedom of expression and assembly.

10 July 2012

Bahrain Center for Human Rights continues with deep concern to monitor the increasing frequency of the use of unjustified excessive violence by the authorities in Bahrain to prevent the rallies and peaceful marches including those with official notification. Despite the violent suppression of all the demonstrations and peaceful marches since 16 months with the justification that they were not licensed, but that suppression was expanded nearly two weeks ago, when the security forces in Bahrain proceeded to prevent gatherings and marches led by the political societies, and which are peaceful marches with official notifications and in accordance with the procedures of the local law, and that comes within the framework of the right of expression and assembly as guaranteed by all international and local laws and conventions.

Following up the situation by Bahrain Center for Human Rights, it has been revealed the Bahraini security forces is exercising extreme violence and is using various types of unnecessary weapons to break up the opposition rallies and marches and the peaceful demonstrations that come out every day in the areas and villages since February 2011, which caused many injuries, wounds and chokes for many citizens, especially that the attack begins in most cases without a prior warning. 

Because of the severe injuries suffered by numbers of leaders of associations of the political opposition; human rights activists and citizens who participated in the rallies and marches, and after investigation held by the Monitoring Committee at the center, it was found that some of those injuries resulted from intended targeting of the personalities, the opposition leaders and human rights activists to directly abuse them, and which in some cases reaches up to an attempted murder and physical killing, what constitutes a crime with premeditation.

... full story at Bahrain Center for Human Rights (incl. video and photos).

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