Thursday, July 12, 2012

Fascist aggression by Spanish police in Majorca

Dozens of Majorcan citizens protested yesterday against the fascist aggression suffered by a young man at the hands of the Spanish military police Guardia Civil, in charge of police functions in much of non-urban Spain.

G.C., aged 18, was attacked this past Saturday (July 7th) by another youth at the Majorcan town of Inca. When he attempted to denounce the aggression to the police, these refused to accept it on the pretext that the aggressor could not be identified. However he could later spot the aggressor along two agents, so he told them so... in Catalan language.

The Spanish police agents demanded him to address them in Castilian language (aka Spanish) but the Majorcan citizen rejected this. 

With no other reason, the Spanish military police agents arrested him (without resistance on his side) and began insulting him once in the vehicle and later in the police station. While having G.C. under ares, the Spanish occupants demanded from him to make Spanish nationalist cries like "Viva Spain!" or "Long Life the King!" or even that he kissed the Spanish flag. Upon rejection they slapped him repeatedly. 

Later the police agents made up a "declaration" that forced G.C. to sign under threats of having him retained for days. 

According to the independentist youth organization Arran, this is not the first case but rather they are perceiving a sharp increase in police aggressions of this kind against Catalan nationalists in the Balearic Islands

Source: Kaos[es].

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