Monday, July 2, 2012

Greece: massive ongoing police raid against Thessaloniki social centers

Extensive police operation in Thessaloniki against anarchist spaces; at least 34 detentions so far

This morning (July 2nd) saw an extremely extensive police operation in the city of Thessaloniki, targeting the local anarchist scene. As of 13:00 GMT+2, the information we’ve got is the following:
  • Police stormed the anarchist occupation Nadir at approximately 6.30 AM, detaining people inside.
  • They then also stormed the anarchist residential squat Orfanotrofeio, also detaining people there.
  • Meanwhile, police were raiding anarchist’s houses, detaining at least 6 people in their homes.
Media report that the extended operation follows a police case file concerning events of recent months in the city (what events, it is unspecified…)
At 13:15, alterthes was reporting “34 detentions, of which 25 will be converted into arrests” – i.e. those 25 people will face charges.

Update: The anarchist hangout Nadir and the Orfanotrofio squat were the centers of this police operation against revolutionaries in Thessaloníki (per Contra Info). Major charges are expected as the arrested are apparently accused of street guerrilla actions and organization, according to a commenter.

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