Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Spain: woman struggling for her life after being shot down by a police rubber bullet in Madrid

An unnamed 54 years old woman is struggling for her life under intensive care after her liver and kidneys were damaged by the direct shot of a rubber bullet by riot police on July 11, when thousands demonstrated in Madrid in support of the coal miners.

After being brought to hospital she developed pneumothorax, a critical life/death condition. 

As is apparent in the following video: no riot of any sort was taking place when she was shot and she was calmly waving the banner of a labor union while other people sat on the road or the sidelines:

Rubber bullets have been banned by the European Union but  the prohibition does no begin before 2013. Spain is the only state of EU where this kind of most hazardous ammunition is still in use. In Bilbao, a citizen, Iñigo Cabacas, was killed by one such shot earlier in the year, while another had to struggle between life and death just weeks earlier after being shot down by such a weapon in Vitoria-Gasteiz.

Sources[es]: Diagonal, Madriz Rebelde.

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