Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Spain persists in human rights abuse against prisoners

In spite of the unmistakable meaning and relevance of the sentence by the European Court of Human Rights yesterday in favor of Basque prisoners and against Spain's abusive prison term extensions (Parot Doctrine), the Spanish Neo-Fascist government persists in the abuse and has announced an appeal. They also claim that the high court has only ruled in one particular case and not on the general Parot Doctrine, on which they consider the court not competent.

By doing this the Spanish regime place themselves along the likes of Putin who also question their own continental compromises on human rights. But this is nothing new: Spain also aligns with Russia and a few others against Kosovo. 

Protest in Bilbao against the de facto life sentences against Basques

Sources: Naiz Info[es], Bilboko Branka[eu].

Solidarity with Lander Etxebarria in Italy

In a different, yet related, issue, there has been a lot of solidarity in Italy with Basque citizen Lander Etxebarria, irregularly submitted to home arrest in Rome on an "euro-order" in spite of having no charges against him anymore. 

There is a whole blog dedicated to solidarity with him, where you can find from a petition to sign to videos of the always lovable Banda Bassotti signing in solidarity with Lander.

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