Thursday, July 19, 2012

General strike called in the Basque Country (Sep 26)

It will be the third general strike of the year in this country. It has been called by Basque Workers' Solidarity (ELA), the Nationalist Workers' Union (LAB), the Coordination of Left Unions (ESK), the General Confederation of Labor (CGT-LKN), the National Confederation of Labor (CNT-AIT), the Union of Education Workers in the Basque Country (STEE-EILAS), the Farmers' Union of the Basque Country (EHNE) and the transport union Hiru.

ELA's Secretary General Adolfo Muñoz appealed for total resistance (insumisión) against the imposition of Madrid, while LAB's Secretary General Ainhoa Etxaide called for a social uprising (matxinada soziala) against the continuous cuts in order to give that money (that we supposedly do not have) to the banksters. 

Unlike in January but like in March, I can only imagine that the unions elsewhere in the state will eventually join this call, even if of only out of fear of being overwhelmed by social discontent and smaller unions. For example just today there are calls for demos all around the geography of the state of Spain. The same as yesterday and the same as tomorrow.

It would be easier to just walk out on September 1st and not go back to work until the state and the EU have retired all measures and devolved the Bankia-plus problems to the private sector. That would be a true general strike and an unstoppable democratic and revolutionary force. 

Source: Borroka garaia da![es]

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