Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Cuban "exiles" go home on vacation

I just stumbled upon this article[es] where it's explained that Cuban migrants in the USA are dubbed "exiles" or "refugees" but nevertheless go on vacation without problem to the country that allegedly "persecutes" them. 

This has sparkled legal debate in the North American giant on the many privileges that these "refugees" (economic migrants) enjoy and how they are actually a source of hard currency for Caribbean socialist country, something that the USA and the gusano* mafiosos of Miami strongly dislike.

Reminds also of the once much cheered dissident Cuban blogger who returned to La Habana as soon as the injection of Capitalist money stopped and stuff like that. As Basque cartoonist Tasio puts it:

Cuban "exiles": only ones on Earth who go on vacation to the country that "persecutes" them. 
Do you really want to travel to Cuba?
Yes... let me explain... I love to be jailed, beaten, abused...
Ours is a clear case of Masochism.
Beats us!


Note: gusano: Spanish for worm, in Cuba pejorative for Capitalist traitors, most of which are believed to have left the island and live nowadays in Miami and Spain.

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  1. Can you finally make up your mind? Is Cuba's regime "socialism"? Is it "state capitalism"?

    This will have an end very soon. The Castro regime is only surviving thanks to petrodollars coming from the Venezuelan military government.
    You should really go to live in Cuba and not in Bilbao. Age is no excuse.


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