Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Spat of political murders in Honduras' Bajo Aguán

Eldin Noel Ortiz, Jimmy Burgos Tobías, Santos Eliseo Pavón, Gilberto López and Jorge Nájera, members of the MARCA (one of several peasant organizations), were attacked with "a storm of bullets" while they traveled by car through the town of Tocoa on July 28th. They are recovering at hospital. 

The previous day, families of the MCRA  (another peasant organization, which recently was acknolwedged with legal ownership of the Los Laureles estate, claimed by mafioso landowner Miguel Facussé Barjum) were also attacked with heavy caliber weapons. Israel García Pérez, also member of this group, was later found dead with several bullets in his body, they had cut an ear off his head. 

On Sunday 29th, Evaristo López, member of the MARCA was killed by a car when riding a motorcylce, with the killer vehicle running away.

Since the 2009 coup, some 52 peasants have been murdered and not a single such crime has been punished.

Incidentally, the historical achievement of getting the ownership of certain estates recognized in court and on the ground with the unprecedented help of police last month, was revoked a days later on appeal. This new decision has yet to be implemented because of the resistance of the peasants. It is in this context that the last spat of attacks surely by command of the usual few terrorist landowners has happened.

Location of Bajo Aguán a target zone of the worst Capitalist scum (source)

Source: LNYM[es].

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