Thursday, July 19, 2012

Black Hondurans reject 'Libertarian' genocide

Miriam Miranda (OFRANEH)
In the USA there is an ideology they call "Libertarianism". It has nothing to do with the traditional Libertarianism, i.e. Anarchism or Libertarian Communism, in which the emphasis was in personal and collective freedom (liberty) versus the tyranny of Capital (private property).

In fact it is exactly the opposite (and elsewhere it's known as ultra-Liberalism - but in the USA, you know, liberal means social-democrat, so it's all very confuse). In US-Libertarian ideology, individual or collective freedom does not matter... unless it is that of owners. It is "freedom" to own and exploit what matter and nothing else. Personal and collective freedoms do not matter for them and, if you doubt my word, you should take a look at the dystopies that the US-Libertarians are creating in Honduras (a dictatorship incidentally). 

In Honduras, the gurus of US-Libertarianism, Peter Thiel (PayPal founder and liberal-fascist ideologue), Patri Friedman (wayward son of infamous extremist economist Milton Friedman) and Paul Romer (formal ideologue) are developing, with full support of the Lobo dictatorship, their dystopies: free trade zones known as "model cities".

Naturally, the Honduran People is opposed to these venues of exploitation. Now it is the Afro-descendant movement Organización Fraternal Negra Hondureña (OFRANEH), which is leading the opposition.

They denounce that under the clout of US-Libertarian imperialism, the illegitimate Honduran institutions are privatizing even the rivers and allowing the new masters of the "chartered cities" to even appoint the governors against any popular will. 

So good for freedom!

African-Hondureans, most of them Garifunas, are particularly concerned because the first such "chartered city" is being planned near Trujillo, a Garifuna region. Worse, the Honduran and US authorities claim that nobody inhabits the district to be transformed in free trade area, while in fact nothing less than 24 Garifuna communities occupy it since time immemorial. 

Since the 2009 coup, OFRANEH and its main speakers Miriam Miranda and the Faluma Bimetu radio station, have been persecuted by the regime and, as consequence, gained special protection from the Inter-American Organization for Human Rights (CIDH)

Source: LINyM[es].

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