Monday, July 30, 2012

Open letter to Rajoy by a Spanish mayor

Mayor Rodríguez
Open letter of the Mayor of Humilladero (Málaga, Andalusia) to the President of the Government of the Kingdom of Spain, Mr. Mariano Rajoy (my translation):

Mr. President,

By means of this letter I mean to tell you about the rejection of the Town Hall of Humilladero to your social cuts' policies, to your government's aggressions against healthcare, against public education, against social policies, against the autonomous communities, against the town halls...

Your government's polices are dismantling social rights, public services and undercutting the democratic freedoms of Spaniards, making the country to go back 35 years in time. 

The government team I have the honor of presiding have locked ourselves in the facilities of the town hall to make you know of the ill-feelings of the citizenry and their outrage for the measures that aim to load the consequences of the crisis on the backs of workers and the popular classes.

The banks, Mr. Rajoy, is getting large amounts of public money backed by the state, in the case of Bankia alone 23 billion euros have been given away while their directors are being rewarded with armored contracts. 

For your government, Mr. President, municipal councilors and autonomous regions are in excess, as are labor unions, the public sector and the democratic institutions. 

For you the subsidies to the Duchess of Alba  and other Andalusian landowners, who get the 80% of European agricultural subsidies, are not in excess however. 

For you the bankers-speculators who plunder companies and shield their salaries and multi-million pensions are not in excess either.

For you the subsidies to the Catholic Church, adding up to more than €10 billion yearly, are not in excess.

For you the amazing salaries (more than €140,000) of the state's high officials, President of the Supreme Court, President of the Constitutional Court, are not in excess either. 

Four you the King and the other Bourbons who enjoy an opaque budget of nine million euros, plus other indirect amounts adding up to €200 million, are not in excess.

For you tax heavens, the B account of Capitalism, the hideout of dirty and criminal money enjoying more than 3.5 million cover-up companies registered in the more than 60 tax heavens of the World, are not in excess either. 

Governments do not collect €340 billion for that reason.

For you military expenditures, the anti-missile shield of Rota or the NATO, the only active terrorist organization of Europe (civilian mass killings of Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya), are not in excess. 

For you, shameful examples like those of Felipe González or Aznar, who made compatible their luxurious public pensions of more than €82 million yearly with those obtained from private companies Gas Natural and Endesa of more than €120 million, are not in excess either. 

For you the amazing salaries of the administration councilors of the IBEX-35 companies, where some 520 executives get salaries that amount on average to that of 70,000 commoners with a €1000 salary are not in excess. 

For you robberies like those performed by the private financial entities, who get loans from the ECB at 1% and re-lend them to town halls and private citizens at 6% are not in excess either.

For you the rise of the VAT [sales tax] to first need products, to school materials, to culture, ruining the small and middle-sized business are not in excess.

For you the eviction orders against working class families, who have been displaced to unemployment and social marginality, their homes repossessed by the banks, are not in excess either. 

For you the 25% of tax evasion in Spain is not in excess. 

You, Mr. Rajoy, are applying a criminal policy. For you what is in excess in Spain and must be cut down is the law of dependency [providing subsidies to those caring for the elderly or invalid], unemployment benefits, the Christmas pay of public servants (adding up to just 4 billion euros of state savings).

The mining sector agonizes and does not get the 200 million euros of compromised subsidies, according to the strategic plan.

You make retirees and pensioners to pay for their medicines. I must remind you that the average pension here in Humilladero is of  €600. 

You reduce student grants.

You threaten with intervening the autonomous communities recovering the fascist slogan of one Spain, great and free.

I would like to tell you, Mr. President, that our Town Hall supported full autonomy in the process of February 28th [of 1980, date of the historical referendum] and we will not tolerate that your government intervenes, kidnaps, annuls, the self-rule conquered democratically with unity, votes and blood.

The Town Hall of Humilladero proclaims itself in rebellion against your government, which applies a hidden program, never presented to the voters, reason why I demand of you as Mayor of Humilladero:

  • The call of a referendum for the citizenry to express themselves on this new program of adjustments or...
  • The call of new general elections

There is no remaining democratic legitimacy if the people does not exert its right through the voting process. You represent legality but not legitimacy. Mr. President, I communicate to you that from this office of Mayor we will instigate all town halls and society to demand a referendum because in Spain the one in excess is yourself. 

Yours truly, 
Ms. Noelia Rodríguez Casino
Mayor - President of the Town Hall of Humilladero

Source: Insurgente[es].

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