Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Turkey begins testing all food imported from Japan

Every single food product entering Turkey from Japan needs since yesterday a document of approval by the Turkish Atomic Energy Organization (← source).

When will EU? The other day I found Japanese green tea from Fukushima at an ecological shop. The owner assured me that it was produced or imported before the nuclear catastrophe but how do I know if all efforts from Japan are in the direction on conceiting and not revealing radioactive contamination and that EU remains low key on the matter of radioactive control, being necessary only for food produced in certain regions. 

I'm also concerned about non-food products (Japanese radioactive cars or spare parts were blocked at several harbors worldwide for being too radioactive) and about products from the USA and Canada, where the radioactive pollution from Japan had a significant impact (less than in Japan itself, of course, but surely much more than in mainland East Asia).

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