Thursday, January 24, 2013

Metro strike of Athens becomes all transport strike after government tries unilateral imposition

The strike of subway workers in Athens, already in its eight day, reached today to a key crossroads as the government attempts to conscript all striking workers in their bid of no negotiation. In response, all transport workers from the Greek metropolis have joined the strike, which looks like heading to a showdown of willpowers.

From the Greek Streets reported today:

Greek government orders the civil conscription of the striking metro workers in Athens; workers in all transportation mediums join strike in solidarity

In the afternoon of January 24, the Greek government via the ministry of transport ordered the civil conscription (i.e. the forced return to work) of the workers at the Athens Metro, who had been on strike for the past eight days. In response, the workers in all other mass transportation mediums in the city (buses, metro green line and tram) have also joined or extended their strikes. The workers at the Athens metro are calling all those in solidarity to gather at the main metro depot in Sepolia (by Kifissos Ave).

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