Sunday, January 20, 2013

Oxfam: 100 World wealthiest people could easily end poverty

According to the charity Oxfam, the World's 100 richest individuals earned in 2012 enough to end with World's poverty four times!!!

I mention because among the several interested myths about poverty and inequality there is a particularly harmful one which claims that even if all the rich would share their wealth, that'd be like a drop in an ocean of unavoidable poverty: totally useless. 

We find again in this analysis that the myth is false and that therefore sharing the wealth, expropriating or taxing the rich makes absolutely all sense... unless you want billions to be poor, suffering and dying from it, of course.

The problems of the World do have solution: all we need is political determination, not just at leadership level (leaders are bough every single minute, most often even before they can become leaders at all) but at grassroots, popular level. They won't give us back what belongs to us unless we demand it forcibly.

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