Monday, January 28, 2013

UAE repressing reform advocates

Is the Arab Spring over? Far from it, I'd say: it has just entered a more complex stage of widespread "unfinished business" situation waiting for a second definitive wave. 

While in Egypt and Tunisia, the Islamists clearly defraud after being elected to steer transition, while Libya and Syria struggle with the consequences of a way-too-militarized, and also too internationalized, process, in Arabia Peninsula the situation is of eerie calm. 

Or actually: of protests and arrests, of tortures and ideological persecutions, of peoples who are clearly demanding an end to feudal theocracy under the auspices of Western Imperialism. 

While in Bahrain the chain of continuous protest and repression has daily basis and is slightly better known to me (but silenced through the media), in the nearby United Arab Emirates, where totalitarianism is exactly as bad, we had not heard much. 

But 94 denizens have been brought to political trial on accusations of challenging the absolute rule of the emirs, of trying "to seize power and confronting the main principles which the rule is based on"...

Which are those principles? The emirs dictate and you obey. Totalitarianism at its worst!

They are accused of relationship with the Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt but they claim to be independent and just wanting to promote reforms. 

Still a long walk for many peoples in the Arab World. Still a lot of repression and fascism going on.

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