Monday, January 14, 2013

Nazi alert at Lyon

Salvatore Cirincione wows to keep fighting against Fascism
Four attacks in a month! 

First, a person was beaten in Lyon's center on November 17th within the context of an homophobic demonstration that gathered 100 idiots from a Nazi youth and a Catholic organization. Instead of arresting them all for inciting to hatred, 44 people taking part in a counter-demonstration were the ones taken by the police. 

Then, in early December, three young Moroccan residents were ambushed near the Cathedral by members of a group that have their see there. One of the victims had to be brought to hospital. 

On December 7th, members of a Nazi student union ambushed other students, sending three of them to hospital with diverse concussions by blunt objects. 

On December 16th, an Italian political refugee (one of the few not extradited by Miterrand), Salvatore Cirincione, who suffers of a paralysis in half his face (80% handicap recognized), was ambushed by four people who jumped out of a car and beat him badly.

Salvatore nevertheless does not want to be considered a victim but the fighter he always was.

Sources: La Haine[es], Rebellyon[fr] (→ link1, link2).

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