Sunday, January 27, 2013

Israeli clubs' blatant racism ignored by UEFA

Never mind the most strange and unacceptable fact of including Israel (the name of the regime of Apartheid in Palestine) in all kind of European competitions, from the pathetic Eurovision annoying music contest to football and basketball. Much more worrisome is that while European clubs are being warned and sanctioned (in most cases correctly) for racist attitudes, Zionist ones, which may well be the most racist of all (Arabs are banned for example) bear no sanction. 

This racism has come again to the forefront as the ultra-nazi colonial football club Beitar Jerusalem admitted, exceptionally, two Chechen players in its ranks. Chechens are mostly Muslim, what angered the islamophobic Zionist fans of the settler club. 

Instead of rejecting the brutal racism of the club hooligans, the manager, Eli Cohen, explained that European Muslims like Chechens are ok but Arabs, Christian or Muslim... that's not acceptable for him. 

It were the hooligans of this Beitar Jerusalem club who chanted not long ago "death to Arabs". Nothing of all this even raises an eyebrow among UEFA anti-racism courts and committees. They may sanction Serbian clubs for chanting against Albanians, Italian ones for throwing racist insults against Black players... All that is great, although rounding the culprits and throwing them into the mouth of the Etna sounds even better to me. But why this tolerance towards Jewish-centric racism?

Not acceptable: European institutions, in football and elsewhere shame us with their intolerable Zionism and preferential treatment of Zionist cultural entities. How can we democratically challenge this undemocratic racist attitude of our pan-European institutions? Does the European charts and treaties allow for democratic referendums? Does even the European Parliament matter at all? 

We live under a subtle but real pan-European totalitarian dictatorship in which democracy is a fallacy. So our new "civilized little Hitlers" of the European Commission, UEFA, etc. do as they please and their masochistic pleasure is, it seems to lick the boots of the USA and to lick the boots of Tel Aviv. 

It'd be alright if a private activity, of course, but we are discussing here the people who claim to represent us all Europeans. 

We need some guillotine again... that's becoming more and more clear.

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