Monday, January 14, 2013

Two aspects of Zio-Nazism in Apartheid Palestine

On one side the Apartheid government decided to ignore its own courts, which forbade such eviction even if provisionally, and arbitrarily evict the 400 nonviolent occupants of the E1 corridor that they plan to build with homes for immigrants of the Jewish sect from around the World in the heart of the West Bank, effectively dividing it in two. 

Any sort of press was of course banned. 

On the other side, groups of racist squads were through Tel Aviv in New Year's Eve insulting and provoking African immigrants. Police did nothing but watch. 

It is ironical how the so-called Israeli immigrants (or children of immigrants) attack others precisely for being immigrants.  The arrogance and undeserved entitlement of these fascists who live in land robbed to the actual natives knows no limit.

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