Thursday, January 17, 2013

Shame on you 'Nature'!

Realistic map of no-go zones (own work)
(see here for legend and rationale)
Just because it is published in Nature it does not automatically mean it is wrong. 

In this case at least it is. The article published at Nature News by someone that goes by the name of Geoff Brumfiel, whose academic credentials are not visible anywhere (!!!) and apparently backed by the editorial team who wrote a much shorter editorial article on the matter, is a total shame and a blunt lie. 

Brumfiel (probably a mercenary writer for TEPCO) claims like the Japanese Government that all citizens must worry about after the most catastrophic nuclear accident in history, which has destroyed the lives and health of many Japanese and also the credibility of which used to be a prosperous advanced country, is not the pervasive and ever-growing radiation contamination but "fear of radiation". 

Japan has established a minimal evacuation zone when, even going by the ridiculously low standards applied at Chernobyl, it should have evacuated whole prefectures, about 1/3 of the island of Honsu. Japan has cheated all it can and even more in radiation measuring. Japan has not kept the victims even minimally informed, never mind assuming its responsibility and providing for them homes and subsidies in safe areas. Japan is promoting food from highly contaminating areas and allowing abuses in labeling, exporting radioactive cars, fruits and even junk.

Japan has brought an even greater disaster upon itself than the Fukushima catastrophe might have been if dealt with in the correct parameters, just thinking in short term parameters, because it has created a huge deal of distrust. Personally I just do not buy anything at all Japanese and keep all alerts on other NE Asian or North American products (no food, very especially mushrooms from those countries either). 

But even worse is for the many millions of Japanese citizens who have to live, survive, with all that, seeing how their children develop thyroid cancer before their eyes, wearing wigs because their hair is falling by chunks, etc.

But what do they do? Does the government correct its malpractices and abuses? Nope. They just extend and pretend and each minute they so does the harm caused to Japanese and the World. 

Meanwhile they use their contacts to get a farcical article published by Nature so they can go around saying: see it was published in Nature. 

Great shame and distrust should be placed on the "scientific" magazine since it allows this kind of abuses. Shame on you Nature!

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